CIMSPA success story

CIMSPA spark industry wide interest in persuasion and influence after Suada training success leads to the big stage

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CIMSPA is the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity. They are committed to supporting, developing and enabling professionals and organisations to succeed and as a result, inspire our nation to become more active.

- Persuasion Training

- Communication Skills

- Headline Keynote Speaker

- Approved Provider

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The Situation

In 2019, CIMSPA had a goal of training their team on how to be more persuasive and to communicate more effectively. They wanted their team to learn about social psychology, behavioural economics and the science of persuasion and influence. Suada CEO & Founder David Thomson was brought in to do exactly that, but what transpired was far bigger than we could have imagined. There was not only a skills gap within the CIMSPA team, but an industry-wide gap in knowledge of business acumen, interpersonal skills and ultimately sales experience.

The Task

Initially, the tasks for this project were clear...

  • Teaching communication skills
  • Training on persuasion and influence
  • Creating a learning culture within the business
  • Educating staff on how to use social psychology to build better relationships
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The Action

With a sizable task ahead, David called upon his wealth of knowledge and experience of building, running and scaling businesses to be successful and met the task with the following actions…David approached this task in the same way he approached the training of hundreds of his employees in previous businesses. These were the actions that were taken...

  • Organised a 1-day training workshop at CIMSPA
  • Re-engaged and supported consultants to become more persuasive
  • Implemented the Suada mobile platform for embedding this training into their culture
  • Implemented a formal learning strategy.

These actions had such an impact on the CIMSPA team, that CEO Tara Dillon invited David to be the headline keynote speaker at the annual CIMSPA conference, the biggest event in the fitness industry.

The Results

The results of this training were incredible, culminating in an highly energetic and impactful keynote presentation and an engaged workforce. The Suada methodology had truly been delivered. Here are some of the key outcomes...

  • Communication was improved in all internal and external stakeholders
  • Staff were trained on how to build better relationships
  • At the 2020 CIMSPA conference, 500+ attendees listened to David's keynote on ‘The Science of Persuasion and Influence’

As a result of this training, Suada have been invited to become an approved and recognised training provider for the entire fitness industry!

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