Case Study

Industry leading fitness business, Premier Global, consulted Suada for a range of sales training to be delivered virtually during the pandemic.

About Premier Global

With over 50 years of experience in developing leading health and fitness professionals, Premier Global truly understands what it takes to succeed. In 2016, they partnered with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) – the leading Personal Training authority in the USA – to set a new benchmark in fitness qualification.
Key Outcomes
Delivered a Virtual Influence Workshop
Increased average basket size
Partnered together to embed the Suada Platform into their business.

The Situation

The UK Sales Director for Premier Global, Sean Grant, wanted a way to deliver top quality Sales Training to his team, who were all working remotely during the pandemic. A team of 15 individuals plus team leaders who wanted to add some structure, rigour and knowledge to their current sales process. Sean wanted the team to have a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of selling and introduce persuasion and influence into their process.

The Task

Sean discussed his desires with the Suada team and we mapped out a plan for how we could deliver our training to suit their needs. The key deliverables that they wanted to achieve were to:
  • Increased Average Order Value of Sale
  • Increased number of sales
  • Increased Cross Selling and Upselling
  • Empower staff to be confident when selling

The Action

In order to achieve these results we planned a series of actions to deliver on our promise. The action plan was...
  • Two day virtual workshop on decision science
  • 12 Week Sales Mastery Course on the Suada mobile app
  • Weekly coaching sessions with the teams to embed the learning
  • Access to the platform to create their own courses!

The results

Results began to happen almost immediately, the Premier team became more aware of the conversations that they were having and started to implement the new techniques they had learnt. The average basket size of orders began to increase, the team had increased the average order value of the sale as well as increasing the number of sales!

The Suada mobile application  that the training was delivered on was incredibly well received, the Premier team loved the social learning aspect and being able to work with a coach to be guided through the learning all from their phone.

The biggest result of all was that now Premier are beginning to implement the Suada learning application as their own internal training platform. Meaning that they now have begun creating bespoke courses for their staff, using our unique pedagogy for long term retention!

"As a successful sales director I always look to build a best in class team (why bother if that isn’t your goal) so I put a lot of effort into helping team members develop to their fullest potential. Over the years, I have seen a lot of sales trainers and coaches recycle, repackage and sometimes refresh what “good looks like” but the same old content can only get your team so far. This time I wanted something that would permanently elevate the teams performance and having some familiarity with the science behind persuasion I was keen to explore that further.

My network turned up SUADA and I knew immediately upon meeting David that he could bring something fresh, compelling and “next level” to the party and that phrase is exactly how my team have described their journey over the last few weeks. As one of a small select group, personally trained by Dr Robert Cialdini, David has a deep knowledge and understanding of his subject matter. When Influence is coupled with the other topics in the programme including Opening, Framing, Fact Finding & Negotiation to name just a few, the result is a comprehensive and compelling learning journey. Even the simple foundation of keeping a Positive Mental Attitude is brought to life in a fresh, informative and practical manner. 

David has walked the walk and is focused on delivering the content in such a way as to help delegates internalize the theory but crucially how they can immediately embed it in their day job. I have worked in the learning sector for 15 years so I can say with confidence that the SUADA blended learning approach truly nails it. No matter how long you or your team have been in sales, no matter how much you think you know, I am 100% confident that you will take on new performance enhancing techniques from working with David. By fully engaging in this training, even the most battle hardened, cynical salespeople I know have had their eyes opened to a new definition of “what good looks, sounds and feels like”.

— Sean Grant

UK Sales Director
Premier Global NASM
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Case Study
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Key project features
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The Task

Suada’s founder, David Thomson, was hired as keynote speaker and delivered a speech about persuasion and influence. David also prepared a coaching session and delivered it to the senior leadership team.
The Action

David Thomson initially prepared and delivered the keynote speech and this attracted the senior leadership team into coaching them.David delivered a 1-day workshop on framing and storytelling.