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Learn how to coach any buying decision and
lead customers to win-win outcomes.
In just 12 modules...
Understand and apply the science of persuasion, to influence others naturally and ethically.
Bring an advantage to the negotiation table, that keeps you in the driver’s seat.
Learn to enjoy selling through genuine dialogue, never having to pitch or push for the close.
“I have trained with some of the best in the world
and David has to be one of the greatest. In my
career, I don’t believe anyone has influenced mysuccess more than this man.”

— Andrew Ward
“By using the principles David taught we have
not only improved client retention, cross sales
and profitability. We have also improved client satisfaction.”

— Joe Hallett
After taking this course you'll know how to...
Build genuine relationships with anyone.
Overcome objections, even with the most cautious buyer.
Motivate action, when ordinarily you'd hear, "I'll think about it".
Stay in control at every stage of the process and consistently convert leads into sales.
Learn how to leverage influence
Know you're doing it right
Gain the confidence of mastery
Course Modules
“David’s techniques help me understand my client better. Negotiation becomes fun and essential to create a win-win situation.”

— Danja Bauer
“David is an excellent trainer whose deep understanding of communication, sales, influence & persuasion are without a match anywhere.”

— Pete Craig
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What does your course include?
60 days of immersive researched-based learning
Flexible self-paced on-demand learning.
Structured weekly masterminds with teammates and certified coach.
Assessments in every module to track progress.
Leaderboards to make learning fun.
Access to leading expert trainer, David Thomson. Certified by Dr. Robert Cialdini, Napoleon Hill, Larry Bassham and licensed NLP.
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For salespeople

Close more deals with more consistency and propel your career forward.
For business owners

Train your sales force to be top-performers and watch them meet and exceed all their goals.
For professionals

Lead with confidence, overcome obstacles and experience more success with any goal.
For anyone

Learn how to communicate more effectively for greater influence and impact in all of life.
Module 1:
PMA/ NMA/ Inertia/ Self Starters/ Karma/ Reciprocity/ Conscience

The way you choose to view a situation can drastically change your life. A negative mental attitude can be detrimental and inhibit growth. But a positive mental attitude will help you make the best out of any situation and achieve greater goals.

In this module, you’ll learn the essential elements of PMA so you can be conscious of your attitude all the time. You'll gain the tools you need to overcome inertia, stay in control of your attitude and approach any situation with a mindset for success.
Module 2:
Pre-frame / Re-frame / De-frame / Prize Frame / Frame Control

When presented with the same information why does one customer enthusiastically decide to buy and another walk away? The difference is in the framing effect. In this session, you’ll learn how to use frames to present options and highlight features that motivate customers to buy.

We’ll examine the five types of frames and how you can use them to adapt, change and reposition customer perspectives. We’ll also look at case studies on framing from global brands like McDonalds.
Module 3:
Forgetting Curve / Circuit Learning/ Mind Mapping/ Feynmann Technique/ Levels of Learning

Think about how much you’ve learned that you’ve already forgotten. It’s probably a lot. The brain has a tendency to get rid of 90% of what you learn within 30 days. In this session, you’ll discover how to capture and encode information so what you learn is yours for life.

We’ll explore the different tools and approaches to integrate and retrieve information. We’ll also analyze the science behind memory and give you a step-by-step guide to ensure anything you learn can be easily recalled.
Module 4:
Fact Finding
Knowing Your Customer / Building a Belief / Essential Habits

Why is it crucial to really know the customer right in front of you? In this module you’ll learn the key strategic process to have in place before you engage with a customer and why it's important to building the relationship.

We’ll start by organizing an optimal client journey and then converting that into a documented process. You’ll learn how the structure of a fact-finding document reveals the mindset of your customer, builds enthusiasm and keeps you in control.
Module 5:
Fast & Slow Thinking / Three D’s/ Broad Concept/ Questioning Funnel/ Big Fat Claim

First impressions matter. In sales, a first impression can make the difference between winning a lifelong customer or walking away empty-handed.

In this session, we’ll show you how to open any interaction, so you’re perceived as a confident, trustworthy professional. Having the tools to discover, design, and deliver while keeping clients fully engaged will give you the competitive edge you need to be successful.
Module 6:
Question Types: Checking / Surface to Deep / Contrast / Active / Phrases / Compare

How do you keep clients fully engaged throughout the sales process? You have to ask great questions. In this module, David will introduce you to the different types of questions that engage, empower and compel customers to want to work only with you.

With this knowledge, you'll stay in control of any interaction. You'll help customers create a unique set of buying criteria, that only you can meet.
Module 7:
Technique / Probing Questions / Clarification Questions / Viewpoints & Perspectives / Questions about Questions

Want to learn from one of the wisest philosophers to ever walk the earth? Here’s your opportunity. In this session, we'll explore how the powerful method of Socratic questioning forms the foundation of all sales.

We'll take a deep dive into the main approaches to Socratic questioning and explore the various methods of application. You’ll also learn the framework for effective Socratic questioning and why mastering this technique is your key to consistency and client engagement.
Module 8:
One Word / Questioning / Subject Line / Rhyming / Pixar / Elevator / STRONG

There’s someone out there right now who needs your product. The problem is, your list of facts and features is boring them. So, what can you do to gain their interest and save the day? Learn the art of storytelling.

In this module, David will take you through the different types of pitches, which one to use when and how to maximize their effectiveness. When you learn how to pitch in a way that piques your client's interest, you present your product in the best possible light - - and maximize your chances of success.
Module 9:
Stages / Rules / Tactics / Personalities

In any given situation there are predictable responses to a request. Knowing these responses allows you to feel in control and empowered in any negotiation.

Here we’ll tackle the rules of negotiation as well as the tactics and different personalities that show up to the bargaining table. With these insights, you’ll increase your chances of a successful win/win outcome.
Module 10:
Reciprocity / Liking / Authority / Social Proof / Scarcity / Consistency / Contrast / Unity

Influence is all about the shortcuts human beings take day in and day out when making decisions. By learning these shortcuts and understanding them you’re guaranteed to increase your chances of success in any endeavor.

In this module, David takes you through the 8 milestones of influence persuasion masters recognize as the guides for human decision making. Your understanding of these shortcuts will aid you in accomplishing any mission and stack the odds in your favor.
Module 11:
Maps of the World / Surface & Deep Strucutre / Future Pacing / Embedded Commands / Meta Programmes / Representational Systems

Language is an important part of everyday life. But how does language actually work? In this module you’ll be guided through the building blocks of linguistics so you not only understand what somebody is saying, but you understand what they mean. 

You’ll learn how to open language up, so when you communicate you can be sure to get your message across. Once you understand the patterns, ordering and sequences of language you can become a powerful communicator in any situation.
Module 12:
Summarising / Pre-Close / Trial Close / Alternative Choice Close / Transformational Close

Imagine a movie without an ending. Not only would it be a total failure, it would be a complete waste of time. A sales process without a proper close leads you straight down the same path.

In this final training you’ll learn five ways to close a sale naturally, ethically, and effectively. With these skills you’ll be able to motivate any customer - even those prone to procrastination - to get moving and buy with confidence.
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Master instructor, David Thomson, has trained businesses, built businesses and revived businesses. He doesn’t just understand the academia, he knows how to create real
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David is one of only 7 trainers in the world licensed to teach all of Robert Cialdini’s methods.
David Thomson
CEO & Founder
“I have trained with some of the best in the world
and David has to be one of the greatest. In my
career, I don’t believe anyone has influenced mysuccess more than this man.”

— Andrew Ward
“By using the principles David taught we have
not only improved client retention, cross sales
and profitability. We have also improved client satisfaction.”

— Joe Hallett
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When does the next Sales Mastery course begin?

The Autumn programme will begin 1st December 2020.

How long does the course run?

The Sales Mastery course runs for 6 weeks. You will have an additional 6 weeks to complete all the quizzes and submit your skills test videos before receiving your final review.

You will have access to the course for one year after your date of enrolment.

How will I access the Course?

You’ll need to be registered for the course to access our platform. If you haven’t done so already, register here.

Once the course begins, you’ll be able to login via the Suada app or via your desktop through our website.

What is the cost and how do I register?

Individual registrations are £1,000 + VAT per course. Register for your course here.
For group bookings please email our team here,

How will I watch the instructional videos?

You can watch instructional videos anywhere with internet access!

The Sales Mastery Course is designed for easy access in the office, on the go (via tablet or mobile) or from the comfort of your home.

How long will I have access to the videos and course content?

The videos will be available on-demand for the duration of the course. You will have access to the course for one year after your date of enrolment. 

What time will be the interactive Q&A with David Thomson be every week?

We will share the date and time ahead of the start of the programme.

What happens if I can’t make the interactive Q&A session?

You will be able to pre-submit questions ahead of the interactive Q&A and a recording of the session will be available on-demand for the duration of the course.

How long will I have to complete the skill test videos?

You will have up to six weeks after the completion of the last lesson to submit your skills test videos.

How do I submit my Skills Test Videos?

Your Skill Test Videos are submitted via the Suada Mobile Learning Platform.

How will I collect my certification?

Once your final assessment has been reviewed, you will be able to log in to the mobile learning platform, view your coach’s feedback and download your certificate.

How much time will it take to complete the course?

We recommend spending at least two hours per module to watch the lessons and complete the quizzes and skills test videos. Although some modules may take longer.

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