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David Thomson

Founder & CEO
Self-made sales virtuoso and serial finance entrepreneur on a mission: bringing ethical persuasion to the world.

David’s is the quintessential rags-to-riches story. Born in what the news dubbed “the worst village in Great Britain,” he grew up poor and repeatedly changed homes and schools. He joined the Army at 16, worked in a shoe factory at 21, then ended up selling mortgages door to door. That’s where it all started.

With zero experience and no formal education to boot, David found himself learning about finance and insurance completely from scratch. And with just commissions to pay the looming bills, he had to become good fast, so he devoured everything he could find on pitching, storytelling, mental attitude, neuro-linguistic programming and, ultimately, the psychology of persuasion and influence.

These new tough beginnings turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

While his colleagues swamped clients with complicated jargon, David would explain complex finance topics in everyday language. They’d casually ask for ‘just a couple thousand quid more’, but he’d understand, having grown up poor, how much money mattered to the ordinary person. And all the way, he’d use the teachings of psychology, influence and persuasion to forge honest relationships with clients and close deals naturally.

The results showed. Two years and a couple of finance jobs later, David was a leading firm’s #1 financial advisor in the whole of the UK. Before age 30, he launched his own business: a lending lead-generating powerhouse that soon branched into insurance, property sales and law.

All the way through, he taught financial advisors, clients, employees and partners the secrets of persuasion and influence, magnifying both his and their results. Eventually, his expertise and the business focus of his Hannah Corporation became so education-oriented that the tagline became ‘life made a child’s play.’

Eventually, David acted on his one true calling: coaching others to success.

He sold his company in 2017 in a multimillion transaction, and founded Suada: a bid to revolutionise the way persuasion and influence are taught globally. Our digital learning platform and unique tailored services such as sales transformation are David’s story and experience condensed, ‘made a child’s play’, and delivered directly to you.
Business Achievements
#1 financial advisor out of 650 UK offices
Sold numerous companies one for £6+ million
#1 Google ranking for insurance for 2 years
+40% sales for the UK’s national standards body
Personal achievements
Boxing champion
1 of 19 in the world Certified to teach persuasion by Dr Robert Cialdini
Kettering town pool champion
Oundle golf champion 
Play of scratch at golf
Run a marathon in under 4 hours
Create a University where people can get a degree in persuasion and influence
Create a paradigm shift in the way persuasion & influence is taught.


One of Dr Cialdini’s 7 finest.
Since 2014, David has learned from and collaborated with Dr Robert Cialdini, the world’s foremost expert on persuasion and influence (well, the guy who invented the field, really). He is one of 19 people in the world to hold his prestigious CMCT certificate, and one of 7 trained to teach his latest pre-suasion techniques.
Cialdini Method Certified Trainer (CMCT)
Pre-suasion trainer

"As a highly successful businessman, David brings great credibility to his workshop presentations on the topic of influence and its application to a wide range of business issues and problems. In addition, his contagious energy and impressive intellect produce sky-high satisfaction ratings.

— Dr. Robert Cialdini

Father of persuasion science

Other coaching accolades

Certified Napoleon Hill trainer
Certified by Lanny Bassham, the world’s leading mindset coach
Licensed NLP Coach™
International Coaching Community certification

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