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The world of sales can be tough to navigate. At times it's confusing.
It's frustrating. And let's face it - - if you're mostly just reciting an old pitch
or reading from a script, it's tiring.
But, there's a better way to sell.
And it can be done naturally, with the science of
Enjoy the Interaction
Learn how to sell through genuine dialogue. Never having to pitch or push for the close.
Gain the Advantage
Bring an understanding to the negotiation table that keeps you in the driver's seat.
Be a Natural
Fully understand and influence others naturally, ethically and consistently using science.
The Sales Mastery Programme has everything you need to take control of any sales opportunity.
Learn the psychology of ethical influence and the strategic methods to leverage it.
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After taking this course you'll know how to...
Build genuine relationships with anyone.
Overcome objections, even with the most cautious buyer.
Motivate action, when ordinarily you'd hear, "I'll think about it".
Stay in control at every stage of the process and consistently convert leads into sales.
What does your course include?
30 days of immersive researched-based learning
Flexible self-paced on-demand learning.
Structured weekly masterminds with teammates and certified coach.
Assessments in every module to track progress.
Leaderboards to make learning fun.
Access to leading expert trainer, David Thomson. Certified by Dr. Robert Cialdini, Napoleon Hill, Larry Bassham and licensed NLP.
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Your Plan to Sales Mastery
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Achieve Mastery
Level up your skills with the power of influence and grow your sales, fast.
For salespeople

Close more deals with more consistency and propel your career forward.
For business owners

Train your sales force to be top-performers and watch them meet and exceed all their goals.
For professionals

Lead with confidence, overcome obstacles and experience more success with any goal.
For anyone

Learn how to communicate more effectively for greater influence and impact in all of life.
In just 12 weeks you'll learn the 3 core motives of influence, the 6 principles of persuasion and so much more!
Set the Foundation:
To achieve long-term success in sales create habits that will improve your results.
Positive Mental Attitude

Start with positive thinking to increase achievement in all of life.

Learn to present your case well and in the best possible light.

Train your brain to retain information so it’s yours for life.
Know Your Customer:
If you don’t know the facts, you won’t make the sale.
Fact Finding

Know your customer better before you start to sell.

Open the sale in a way that widens your prospect’s point of view.

Learn the questions to ask that get your desired response.
Master the Strategies:
Make an impression, hold your prospect’s attention and close the deal like a natural.

Lay the foundation of conversation with the 6 types of Socratic questions.

Use the right words to inspire and win over your prospect.

Provide win-win solutions to achieve successful negotiations.
Gain the Inside Track:
Act as a driving force for change and succeed in all areas of life.

Learn the 6 principles of persuasion discovered by leading researcher, Dr. Robert Cialdini.
Neuro Linguistic Programming

Become an outstanding communicator by understanding the power of language.

Close in a way that leaves your prospect a happy customer for life.
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Learn from real-world experts

Learning the science is one thing. But hearing it from a real leader in the trenches is another entirely.

Master instructor, David Thomson, has trained businesses, built businesses and revived businesses. He doesn't just understand the academia, he knows how to create real world success.

David is one of only 7 trainers in the world licensed to teach all of Robert Cialdini's methods.
David Thomson
CEO & Founder
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