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Whether you need a learning management system, or are rethinking your
learning delivery all together, we’ve got a solution for you.

A New Wave of Social Learning

Every learner enhances the learning experience of every other learner. An evolution of classroom learning whereby now fellow learners could be in a different room, office or even country! The Suada platform is designed to create those ‘water cooler moments’ in a remote working environment. 

A Familiar Mobile Experience

There’s comfort in familiarity, and in a world where we want to encourage learning as often as possible, we know that users need to feel comfortable. That’s why we’ve designed our slick, mobile application taking inspiration from global leaders in Social Media, Video Streaming and Entertainment. So when they log in for the very first time, users feel at home.

Make Your Learning Stick

As a trainer, typically when the training stops, the income stops. The Suada platform allows you to earn a residual income by embedding our app into any organisation! Our marketplace allows you to market your course to other learners both inside and outside of the Suada app.

Coached from Information to Transformation

You can’t get a transformational result from an informational product, i.e. a book or traditional online course. For a true transformation to occur you need three further steps: application by an expert, confirmation that you are doing it right, and consultation, the ability to ask questions and get answers. We’ve put the coach in your pocket by creating a mirrored interface for coaches to guide their learners through the course.

Combatting the ‘Forgetting Curve’

It’s a fact that 90% of learning is forgotten after just one week! Our app is built to ensure long term retention of knowledge using proven behavioural science techniques to help wire your neural pathways.

Suada Talent Finder

Spot the best talent from your learners as they demonstrate their knowledge by teaching back what they’ve learned via video. 

Pre & Post Course Assessments

A built in function that tests knowledge before and after the student completes any learning, allowing you to draw easy conclusions of the progress that has been made. 

User Friendly Technology

We believe that everybody has the right to learn. So we’ve developed a platform that means anybody can create, engage and teach their content, without the need for complex code or constant technical support. Built by a user, for the users. 

Key Features

Peer to Peer Learning
Work with a coach 
Pre and Post Assessments
Teach Back Functionality 
Mobile First

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