Aaron Leighton Mckechnie Suada testimonial

Aaron Leighton Mckechnie

Business Development Executive at BSI
Hi I'm Aaron Leighton-McKechnie. I'm a BDE for Public Training at BSI, and I've been with BSI  for eight years.

Since training with Influence Business, I've absolutely smashed my targets and I have referred to other parts and other streams of the business, over a quarter million worth of sales.

Influence Business has helped shape our culture hugely for the positive. Now, for example, if we are listening to each other make phone calls, we'll be talking about pre-framing, we'll be talking about using scarcity. Before it wasn't so.

I've gone through quite a lot of significant change in my life over the last year. I can be open and honest, at the beginning of the training, maybe I would have been resistant. That's not a good thing. I've changed positively. I'm living better, thinking better, being more positive about myself. Before this training, I probably wasn't living my best life. Whereas now, slow and steady, but brilliant, brilliant, training, and that's helped me through all facets of life.