Barnaby Spence

Mortgage Advisor
When I first came into it, my preconceived ideas were that I thought a salesman was someone who was brash, in front of your face, pushing their agenda down their throats and eventually found that it's an interested, introvert, which is me. That's me an interested introvert, so it's fantastic, my confidence has shot through the roof.

I realised that I didn't actually I didn't have any tools. Now I've got a whole set of tools to go into, so I've got the fact find, get all the information from the client.

Then I can go through the journey with them on the discovery, design and delivery, and using the Socratic technique. Getting them to clarify what they mean and go from the surface to the deep structure, it just goes on and on, really what I've learnt.

I got this now, you know, I can do this, this and this with a client. You know, I've been through all this experience, this twelve week transformation course, I can draw on my experience to teach.

Yeah, it's fantastic.