Ben Lambert Testimonial

Ben Lambert

Internal Sales Manager at BSI
Hi, I’m Ben Lambert. I'm the Internal Sales Manager for the training team here at BSI and I've been with the business for just over five and a half years now.In terms of the sales results this year in in a changing Marketplace and a changing world really it's been really positive.We've had a number of new starters that have benefited from the training a number of long-term employees as well that have benefited and applied that to their their results.

Considering all the challenges that are going on within the world that moment, we’ve had a new starter who's gone from strength to strength and has recently just hit over a hundred thirty percent at target.I think the biggest difference there's been within the BSI and within the business is there's a consistency now across the board. Everyone across the sales team regardless of sales manager or Head of Sales, BDM, BDE.They are all familiar with the different terms we use when we relate to things like NLP, everyone knows what it means and everyone can relate when you come down to coaching and I suppose the different questioning types.

Everyone can engage whereas before it may as well have been a different language.We all had a bit of an idea. Everyone had their own takes on different aspects of sales,but there was no consistency. Whereas now I think we're on the same page and from the sales culture,it's good that everyone's talking the same language.In all honesty, I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't have gone through the training and that's not to say that that alone kept me at BSI or that put me down this path,but I think it was it was enticing for me at the time to get some, I suppose really recognised sales training with a real direction and ultimately gave me a bit of a structure and something to focus on at what was quite a challenging time for me.So, I don't know where I would have been but it's obviously helped me get to where where I am now.