Christopher Adams Suada Case Study

Christopher Adams

Founder at Simply Body Love
You know, it's made me realise that it's not about me selling, it's about me asking the pertinent questions for people and finding out what's going on to them and making them really just share with me what they need and how they need to get there.

From the sales part, the Socratic method, the questioning, it really takes the pressure off me in so many ways, I'm always thinking, what do I have to say? What is it I've got to do? And this just alleviates all of that. It means that instead, I'm just becoming curious about the person. And we did a one on one interaction and you were doing the questions for me and that was really really powerful, it made me realise that it's all about the client. It's all about the person that we're "selling" to. But actually, it's about caring for them and really finding the best route and best path for them to move forward.

I absolutely recommend it to anybody. David, first of all, it's fantastic. He's got incredible energy. He loves what he does. It just come across to the whole class. It's fun the whole way through. But this is just fantastic for you in business. You've got to do it. You need to make sales. But if you're a human being and you interact with any other human beings on any other level, you're selling to them whether you realise it or not. As so often in our relationships, we'll be pushy. I certainly know that I have.

And instead of pushing, it's selling. But It's not selling in a hard way, it's selling in a loving way, a way of finding out what's best for them.