Debbie Ennis - Suada Testimonial

Debbie Ennis

Senior Business Dev Manager - BSI
My name is Debbie Ennis, or 'Debs' to most people! I am the senior business development manager for the Midlands East area and I have been at BSI for nine years.

I've been in sales now for about 30 years, so obviously had quite a lot of sales training with many different companies. And I think the Influence Business training brings a fresh approach to it. I think anybody that's been in sales, as long as I have probably is doing some of the bits and pieces that the training actually incorporates anyway. But this is actually putting, I suppose, a name to it and a science behind what you're doing.

I would say overall, it's given me more confidence, more confidence with my clients to actually challenge them if they say something that they previously disagreed with.

So the Influence Business mobile platform has been fantastic. Normally, if you do training, you walk out of the room and you know, if you're lucky, you get a set of slides or whatever notes you've actually scribbled down, with the mobile platform, you can actually revisit it and revisit it and revisit it, even ones that are a little bit more difficult to actually take on board. I think I actually did the Socrates module about three times before I actually got the result I wanted on the test. So it just means that you can actually go over and over and over it.