Dr. Voice - Suada Testimonial

Dr Voice

Vocal Coach
I was a salesman for many years, and the extraordinary was I'd be going out selling, I don't do well, but I didn't know what I was doing. And I think what has changed since I started to get educated into sales and your method in David Thomson's method, this incredible insight opens up in me. It goes "hang on, that's why!" These realisations start and it's in these realisations, you start saying, well, no one's looking at it like this, this is different.

I think every single company, come on, wake up world! Every single company in this world that has a sales force or has to have a product to bring to the masses needs to know this stuff. Everyone needs to know this stuff. Even, even mums and dads at home need to know to work with their kids. I mean, it's absolutely transformational across the board, in every genre and every business. This is for everyone. Well, I'll tell you what difference it has already made to me, it is almost tripled my income because not because I want to 'make money'. It's not given me that is giving me free reign of wanting to communicate more effectively and being conscious of what I'm saying and doing.

And every step of the way when I'm talking or sharing with people where I'm trying to bring them into my services, where I'm trying to bring them into what I know, what I can teach them. And they just love it, and they just accept it. So for me, it's it's just extraordinary.