Gervie Cerbo - Suada Testimonial

Gervie Cerbo

Regional Account Manager at BSI
Hi, my name is Gervie, Gervie Cerbo, and I work for BSI as a Business Development Executive and I've been here about a year now.

So I've been in luxury sales, so we go through the kind of similar type of training. But the difference is that it doesn't actually go into it, as you know, in more depth as they influence training does so. We go through these different, you know, different aspects of how to sell and how to negotiate.

But what the influence business training does, it gives structure to how you're supposed to apply the skills that you've learnt.

So what's different now that I've done the influence business training is that I feel more aware, especially when I myself going somewhere as a client. I know exactly what other salespeople are doing to get me on their side. But then I also am more aware of where they go wrong in terms of what they could have done differently to have me on their side to get my agreement and my approval. And also, even just in personal situations, I go very Socratic, especially to my partner and to friends.

I always use their words in terms of you said this, this and this and that. So wouldn't you agree that, you know, this is the best way to go forward? And, you know, it helps me get my way all the time.