Jack Henfrey Suada case Study

Jack Henfrey

Business Dev Executive at BSI
Hi there. My name is Jack Henfrey and I'm a Business Development Executive here at BSI. I've been in the business for just over three years and I specifically work in Product Certification.

So the trainings really supported me and my sales for this year. I was someone who always felt that I performed relatively well. But I never stood out. I never was able to hit a target and push on and take this any further. I was kind of middle of the road performer. And by embedding the processes, embedding the thoughts around the Influence Business training, it's been really important for me to then be able to take that on to become one 125% or so performer. What this is, it also enabled me to do is learn some new skills that can be taken elsewhere. So, I'm moving into new roles. And therefore, this doesn't just limit you to sales either. It enables you to take them much, much further.

Surround how you learn to adapt to different people. So whether that be through the personality types that you learn through one of the Influence modules, whether that be through developing your questioning types, it's really important to develop the whole complete package as opposed to just the initial steps.

By utilising the Influence concepts enabled me to get people to agree to things there and then and just improve my performance on a day-to-day level. It supported me to get some confidence as well. So internally, I can now take these concepts into meetings internally or to my management and also just with customers. It gives me that little bit of added confidence to say, you know what, I've got this in the locker and I can definitely take this forward.