Jess Farmer Personal Trainer Case Study - Suada

Jess Farmer

Personal Trainer
Didn't know a great deal about sales before and consequently no confidence before, and that was my introduction to sales. Beforehand it was a scary thing that I didn't really want to do, I wasn't comfortable with it, I didn't know what I was doing, I can just. This is a scary thing. That was before. Now I've got our sales process and I'm very confident with and I actually enjoy it. Having a conversation, you know, you're helping the person you like. And, you know, my. I didn't know a great deal about sales. But, you know, this sentence and things come to mind. That's completely my whole perspective on sales completely changed now. Like I said, I quite enjoyed the process. It's very much help, help, help.

Anyone and everyone, you know, like everyone's in sales, whether it's like, you know, selling your kid into big greens or, you know, just. And anyone could benefit from this because it's valuable people skills. And, yes, it's very enjoyable. I had a very good time. So I'm going to continue to refine it. So. Thanks.