Josh Meadows - Suada Testimonial

Josh Meadows

Business Development Manager at BSI
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So my name's Josh, Josh Meadows. I have been with BSI for just under two years now and I'm a Junior Business Development Manager.

So, the Influence Business training has actually directly affected my sales. This year ahead of last year, already 30% up my sales, which is around about 120,000 pounds more for the business.

Easiest to summarise it. We've now got a process to follow for ourselves. So if I'm given advice or I'm reiterating that back to somebody else, I can follow a method or give a specific answer as to where we might go with just something or make improvements or target something else where we might be able to influence a customer for a positive effect.

So where would I be if I hadn't done this training? That's certainly been less money in my back pocket, to keep it quite simply. I've had more recognition in the company as a result of my added sales and gained a promotion off the back of that.

So, if it can work for me, I don't see why I can't work for anyone else.