Kasia Walusiak Suada Case Study

Kasia Walusiak

Personal Trainer
I didn't know that there was a process you can follow to make your life easier, because I thought, well, people just come to see me as a personal trainer. And I rely on them coming to me. I didn't know that I can actually influence them in order to get what I want and to get something what they want. So we both with!

100% better! I would say more than that. Before, I just didn't have a clue what I was doing really, and I didn't know, it was like learning, I'm from Poland, so it was like learning another language. I would put it in these words. So, guys, there is a process that can be followed and makes life easier. And that's what I've learnt. So I've learnt another language!

Everyone should be doing it, from trainers, coaches, anybody who is in any field needs to know how to sell. So there is not one answer, everyone should be doing this.

It's like a 100 out of ten, not ten out of ten! Words can't describe what I've learnt, really. So incredible. Amazing. Outstanding. Exceptional. All the good things I would say!