Laura Ash Personal Trainer - Suada testimonial

Laura Ash

Personal Trainer
I really didn't like selling, because I thought it was dirty! I thought, oh, I'm taking people's money and I feel really bad for asking them for money. So you can imagine where our business was when it came to that.

The thing that I've learnt most this course is that it's not just about asking a bunch of questions, trying to close. It's not just about a sales technique. What I've learnt most about this course is everything else that goes on in the backend. Okay, so you might see someone like Serena Williams who's batting and she does amazing. But what you don't see is the back end. And that's what David has got down to the key here, its that the back end side of it, the psychology of sales so that you can actually understand it, so you can implement it better on the front end.

I recommend this course to anybody who needs to sell something to somebody, because we all need to be good at that, especially if you want to have a livelihood. You know, a lot of people think sales is a dirty word, but it isn't. What you're doing is you're providing a service to people.

If you're passionate about what you do and you want to get your product out there and you want to make a name for yourself, then you're going to need to master sales. And being able to master sales with David's course is a nice way to do.

It's about finding out what your client wants. How you can better help them. And ultimately making them a better person. It's a win win situation because you love what you do. I love what I do. I love that making that transformation. And by doing this, you are going to be able to help more and more people with that.