Martin Hawksby

Area Director at Connells
I'm a 32-year experienced salesperson, and I did think I knew everything about everything. But in reality, I knew a little bit of something about sales and what helped me with this to create structures to my process.

I would probably raise my game in terms of sales by 50% at least. And I was pretty good at what I did. But I think I could have been a whole lot better. And this is so for experienced people and inexperienced, this suits everyone. But I was experienced and it's taught me an awful lot. And I can't thank you enough for it, it has been brilliant.

I think what he's done is it's made me more thoughtful ahead of time in approaching the situation. I think what your course makes you think about is a little bit more than, of course, by the way, but it makes you think about the questions that you are going to want to ask of the customer. What I like about the course as well and where it's helped me, even though I was a little bit this way, I like salespeople where I feel I haven't been sold to. And I think this course really enables you to become very good in sales without being a salesman. If you like.

Oh, wow. Everybody in life could do this course, everybody has difficulties in their life at different times. I can't think of anybody who wouldn't help, at all.

I always knew you were great at sales. But what I didn't realise was how great you'd become at teaching the subject of sales to people, so they understand it.