Martyn Colson Testimonial

Martyn Colson

Internal Sales Manager at BSI
Hello, my name is Martyn Colson. I have been with BSI for 8 years, and I'm their Internal Sales Manager.

So, since I've done the training, with Influence Business, there's been so much good change, not just in myself personally, but most importantly, or as importantly, professionally.

I find it quite empowering. I think I found it enjoyable as well. And it certainly changed my results as a seller. I think it's also helping me to change the results within my team. It's also changing and driving the new culture. Guys are enjoying selling, which is what it's all about, you know. It is smart at what you're selling and is believing. Take them what you've learnt from the courses and actually executing it and see and make good results.

So since doing the training with Influence Business, there's been a massive change in culture, and what I mean by that is you only have to talk on the sales floor and you can hear everyone talking about negotiation, framing, pitching. Everyone talking about PNL and we go in and find a self-starter grabbing a cup of coffee or maybe just having a quick chat with someone, it's fully aware that I just needed to drive forward again.

When I first started doing the training, I was a salesperson, so I was actively out there talking to customers, learning a new skill sets and new techniques and modules and executing it for myself. Firstly, absolutely for any person that's out there doing active selling. I think the training is absolutely relevant for managers. So when I stepped up to management to lead a team, I was actually still using the same principles behind all influence training that you learn. As you go further up the chain? Absolutely. So within not just be a cyber any global outfit or any local business that has the Director level, the Heads of the owners, the MD, the General Managers, I think where you are, you know, UK based or internationally based. I think it's got relevance in every single module for any business to get positive gains from and be a better business.