Matt Farr Suada Case Study

Matt Farr

Personal Trainer
I've done a bit of sales training before over the years, so I felt quite competent. I've been quite effective. I guess I never really knew where I could improve. And I mean, doing this course to siphon my mind to where I can take myself to a whole, whole new level.

The good thing? The Socratic questioning. Because it really helps to engage with the prospect, but also as a coach, I can see the value of their beginnings, my coaching as well, not just in my sales, but he can really expand my coaching skills as well.

I'd recommend the course to anyone, really, but particularly if you're a coach or a trainer, any kind of changemaker or anything like that, because these skills are not just about selling, you know, for products, services, but in coaching these skills are invaluable.