Maureen Sumner Smith Testimonial - Suada

Maureen Sumner Smith

Chief Operations Officer at BSI
In 2018/19 Dave was contracted as a consultant to BSI in the UK and then subsequently through Europe, Middle East & Africa for a period of 18 months. Dave transformed the mindset of our sales & marketing teams.  Dave provided class room training in the UK, Dubai,  Warsaw & Madrid & all our BSI sales team remain subscribed to his online training portal.  This continues to enable reinforcement and peer to peer coaching to embed the training.  He also provided support to our recruitment teams and drove a mindset change in how and who we recruit and how we attract talent to BSI. 

The combination of the training and the recruitment led to two years of the best performance in sales BSI has ever experienced in the EMEA region.  We have less ‘empty seats’ which also drives results and growth & his training and support has led us to recruit different ‘types’ of sales people – who join bsi to learn & develop and to have careers. 

The training has led to a transformation of the ‘learning mindset’ within the sales teams, it has led to higher conversion rates as people apply the principles of persuasion including authority, scarcity, framing & pre framing amongst others.   Dave has taught the sales team to think, to learn and to work hard.  This is a real transformation for bsi and his guidance on ‘who’ we should recruit has really driven results. 

I have two senior leaders within BSI who participated in the course both saying they were sceptical at first but,  both independently commented that it was the best training they had participated in in their whole life.  One was in his mid 50’s and the other in his 60’s. 

The training has challenged the way we do things and challenged our mindsets and attitudes. 

All in all I unreservedly highly recommend Dave and his training and the impact it will have on your organisation.