Myles O'Really Personal Trainer Case Study -

Myles O'Reilly

Body Transformation Coach
This guy had no sort of concept, often done on a single session, and no real knowledge of how to influence people, who are they, get them to make the decision to buy off me. So I had no knowledge whatsoever in sales.

I remember the first time we spent some time together, I was able to quadruple my investment the next day, when I went to this sales process I was able to find out the questions if you ask them in the right way. What sort of dragged you through conversations and gave you incredible results for sales?

Asking good quality questions and using Socratic method. And I'd say something that I was sort of angry at myself and I can recite off and I can take it anywhere in any situation, be it in CEOs or relationships or friends or family. Everywhere I translate it into everything as well.

Everyone, everyone that wants to influence people. Everyone that wants to sell their product more. Everyone who wants to help people make better decisions, friends, family, everyone.