Oliver Bell Testimonial

Ollie Bell

Chief Innovation Officer at Suada
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So I was new to sales when I first kind of got introduced to doing the course and I thought sales was all about being very extroverted, getting people's attention. Having lots of energy and that kind of thing. And I now found that it's completely different. It's not about that at all. It's about being an interesting introvert. The stuff on the course teaches you the way to be with people. It teaches you to build relationships the proper way, the real way, the way that matters, the way that ends up giving you the best opportunity to succeed at what you're doing.

I think you can't. I think there is no way. There's no way that you can take sales a better way than this. This is a set piece together. As you say, it's the yellow brick road. It's all the pieces, one after the other comes together and that's what we get.

Everything, everything. Building relationships has been the biggest thing, that's the game changer and anything from negotiation to framing, pitching, influence. Influence, probably, is the strongest one. When you learn the shortcuts, things like reciprocity and you start to see it flying back toward you, it's amazing that the things actually make a real difference.

Anyone, anyone that works with people, anyone that works in sales, anyone who wants to make money and anyone who wants to improve relationships they have with people: girlfriend, colleagues, boss, whatever. It's for anyone.