Oma Cofie Suada Case Study

Omar Cofie

Business Improvement Specialist at BSI
My name is Omar Cofie, I've been with BSI since December 2018, and I am a Business Development Executive.

I've always felt I was able to be in a position where I could win business but purely based on price than anything else. Whereas what I've picked up from Influence Business is that I can now sell value and nothing else. That's really the biggest thing. It doesn't matter whether I'm working with a premium product or something is more made off the road. I feel now that I can position our most expensive products, but be able to demonstrate value as to why that particular business needs this.

I would say that it's quite clear. I've had a steady increase since I started this. I was first property selling in February of this year, and my first month I did £10,000 pounds, which is fine, it's a good start. I set them off for the £25,000, which is by far a small target. But one thing I always notice about myself is that I was always going back to the Influence Business. My job is just to look and see what did I do well in this particular deal and what I'm not doing so well in this particular one. And by continuing to go back over to modules, just relearn and just keep training.  There's a module on there about the four levels of learning. And that's one of the things I really hope for. And I just keep going back and relearned things that you were good at. Make better take it to another level so you can then teach someone else and I was using that on myself. And I've got some point where my first full month on target with a full sales target, I hit it with about a week to spare. I did £34,000, which is great. And I took a lot of pride in that. I put a lot of that down to the Influence Business. I did keep going back so I wasn't going back to the notes about the products that we sold. I was always going back to the notes about what I was doing well, from the Influence Business modules.

I'd argue, anyone. I am not someone who is new to sales. I've been doing so since I was 23. I'm now 32. And I came to this company purely on the basis that I wanted to become a better salesperson than I already was. I already thought I was quite good. I was quite consultative in my approach. But I knew that it was another level I wanted to get to. And working with Influence Business allowed me to unlock that. If I had learnt this stuff when I was 23, when I first started, I would be a much, much better salesperson than I ever could have been. So that's why I believe is for anyone, because you can just be starting out in sales and fall into the wrong habits, into the wrong kind of traps and that kind of puts you in a position where you get patient hold as a salesperson and you're not a consultative salesperson.

Learning this stuff here, all these modules around the influence principles, around the powers of persuasion, I truly believe if you can learn this stuff early, there is no mountain, you won't be able to climb with this.

I've learnt more in these 10 months that I have across my entire career, and I think that itself speaks to how incredible this stuff is. So, who is this for? For everyone.