Richard Higgins - Suada Case Study

Richard Higgins

Product Certification BDM at BSI
Hi, my name's Richard, Richard Higgins, I'm a Business Development Manager and I've been at BSI for 5 years now. I've always been a target here, but that's kind of usually been with leads, leads coming into the business. I'll have to generate my own leads, my own prospects. So, taken that, I've gone from a percentage here to high return by at least 20% on my targets.

So how has influenced me? It's made me a better salesperson. It makes me more money. And really, it's just like I say, it has progressed my career.

I've had tons of sales training, you know, I've had sales training where you've gone in a list with somebody for an hour where they're basically sold to you, you've learnt nothing. You go away feeling energised, but you don't actually know anything. Nothing tangible to take away. I've had practical sales trainings. So, you know, this is a process to follow this how you get from point A to point B. But what this sales training is actually enabled me to do is give me a number of different tools to my tool bag, which I can pull on at any time during a process, a predefined process. Those skills which I can apply to any situation, it doesn't actually have to become down to objection handling. It doesn't have to come down to really even trying to win back a customer because you can just at any point regain control of this conversation and actually make sure that you're taking the prospect through the sales journey, which you want to go on and you're holding their hand through the maze.

I mean, people are talking about it on a daily basis. Usually, you just have a number of different individual salespeople siloed that work alone. But now you've kind of got this group mentality where everybody's coaching each other. There's a buzz on the sales floor. Everybody's using the terminology and everybody just lives and breathes it and we're all growing together. We're all getting better as a sales unit and not just having, you know, the individuals who flourish. And it's showing in the sales figures as a company as well.