Shilpa Morar - Suada Case Study

Shilpa Morar

Project Certification Team at BSI
Hi, my name's Shilpa, Shilpa Morar. I've worked at BSI for just over eight years. I work in the Product Certification team.

So the impact the influence training has had on me personally is that it's allowed me to develop my sales pitch in a way that I wouldn't have done so before. So, for example, more brave when I'm speaking to clients. And what I mean is I'm not afraid to ask questions that I might not have done so previously. So, for example, if a client's asking me a question, so what will this certification offer? I will turn that question back on themselves and say, okay, what do you think this certification could offer you? What does it look like? Something I would not ask. But I'm putting the client in on the spot. But it's done in a way that it's quite subtle, but it gives me the information or the answers that I need to be able to drive the sale forward.

This has made me a lot more successful, especially this year, as I've not missed targets. It has allowed me to not only hit my target, but smash my target using the mind backing techniques that we've been taught by David Thomson.

I found it useful inside of work, but just as important outside of work, as well. And that goes back to the very first session I had with David, which was all centred around positive mental attitude. And I think if you have that attitude in anything you're going forward with, then it will stand you in good stead going forward. And I can only say that based on the things I've been through recently in my personal life, it's helped me no end. Yeah.