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at the perfect T.I.M.E.

Increase your audiences’ susceptibility to your message with the power of ‘Pre-suasion’.
Coming soon to Suada, the first non ‘in-company’ official Cialdini Method-certified Pre Suasion Workshop.
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I Highly Recommend Engaging With Suada If You're Looking To Grow Your Business
I take my CPD very seriously, I've attended a few of David's trainings, and they're easily some of the best most useful sales and influence trainings I've ever done, if you're looking to grow your business look no further, David's the real deal and a top bloke to boot, I'd highly recommend you engage with his programmes.

Alan S Adams
One of the greatest
I have trained with some of the best in the world and David has to be one of the greatest.

In my career, I don’t believe that anyone has influenced my success more than this man.

I could ramble on for a long time but the bottom line is that if you want to influence anyone in your life, David is the best - bar none.

Andrew Ward
Absolutely thorough subject knowledge
David is an astro-physicist of the sales world. If you could get a PhD in sales David got his! David puts things in easy to understand and apply ways while giving you the mental oomph to apply what he says which can often be a sticking point. David was at the heart of my formation of professional sales skills. Thank you so much for that, I will never forget what you gave me.

Patrick Rea
What if You Could Have People Queueing Up to Buy from You … Before You’ve Even ‘Sold’ Them Anything?
And what if I also told you this was 100% teachable, that you didn’t need to be a natural salesperson (or even a born extrovert,) to do it, and it’s 100% ethical?

When I say this to most people, they look at me and laugh.

“David,” they say … “That can’t possibly be true.”

“Having people want to buy before you’ve even delivered your pitch?
Not even the best salespeople in the world can do that.
Surely you’d need to be an Apple, or a Facebook, or a Google to have that kind of influence?”

The truth is, persuading people to buy from you before a word has even left your mouth is not impossible.

Far from it …

It might sound like magic. It might sound like luck. But it’s not.

It’s 🧬 Science.
Imagine What Being Able to Sell, without Uttering a Single Word Could do for YOUR Business …
Sales conversations could be reduced to just minutes.
You’d never have to cold call.
All the nerves around getting a ‘no,’ or coming across as pushy or sales-y would be gone.
And you’d be able to increase your revenue 20%, 50%, or even double it, without spending a penny more on marketing.
What I’m talking about is known as Pre-Suasion.

This revolutionary method was developed by Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of the groundbreaking book, Influence, and president of INFLUENCE AT WORK.

He’s widely regarded as the “Godfather of influence” because of his years of scientific research on the psychology of influence, and whose clients include Microsoft, Coca Cola, Google, and even Barack Obama.

The true secret of Pre-Suasion lies not in the moment your sales message is delivered … but the moment before that.
What separates effective communicators from truly successful persuaders?

It’s how well they use Pre-Suasion.

Good salespeople might use it subconsciously, from time-to-time. When they do, they know their sales conversation has been easier, but they’re not sure why.

Great salespeople use Pre-Suasion habitually, so they motivate and influence more people, command greater presence, and ultimately - close more sales.
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What if Closing More Sales Could be FUN?

Imagine how great you’d feel going into every sales conversation knowing you had a great chance of success.

If sales started to feel fun.

If you could completely drop any old-school hard-sell tactics, and instead just have a conversation.

If you could enjoy the process, and feel totally, 100% ethical about it?

That’s exactly what mastering Pre-Suasion does.

Not only does it mean you close more sales, but you feel good about it, and genuinely serve your new customer.

Pre-Suasion is the closest thing to a hidden advantage you can get.
Why Am I Telling You This?
Currently, there are only 2 ways in the world you can learn Pre-Suasion.

The first way is to buy Dr. Robert Cialdini’s book.

There’s no doubting this is a worthwhile investment. But, as we know, most people buy business or sales books with great enthusiasm, eager to get stuck in and apply …

… only for them to be sitting on the shelf, 12 months later, gathering dust.

And, even if you do read the book cover to cover, are you really going to apply what’s in there to the best of your ability?

You might be one of the small minority who do, but when you’re on your own, with no accountability, no deadline, and no one helping you out personally, it’s incredibly tough
to find the motivation to truly take advantage of the Pre-Suasion method.

The second option is much faster and more effective.

I’m a big believer in investing in yourself.

When I wanted to learn to play golf, I hired one of the UK’s top golf pros to come and live with me for a week, and the cost of £10,000.

And when I wanted to learn Pre-Suasion …

I went straight to Dr. Cialdini himself.

I’m one of only 7 people in the world qualified to teach Pre-Suasion.

And one of the only 7 given the responsibility of delivering ‘Moment Maker Workshops.’

In just one-day at a Moment Maker Workshop, you will learn how to:

TARGET mindsets that will increase the chances that your audience will be receptive to your message
IDENTIFY the cues that can ‘trigger’ favorable reactions to these mindsets
MOVE these triggers to the optimal moment before you deliver your message
EXTEND the impact of pre-suasive moments to encourage long-term change
First you Pre-Suade. Then you Persuade.

This workshop is a world-first and the only learning you will find based on renowned social psychologist Dr Robert Cialdini’s New York Times Bestseller, Pre-Suasion.
"The POP Workshop has fundamentally changed the way I view human behaviour. This deeper understanding will guide my business in how we treat people, which as you know is the only way businesses succeed and endure"

Aaron Hammon, Akesis Inc
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Spots on The Moment Maker Workshops are extremely limited.

I only run these every 3 to 4 months, so if there’s an active link below, I advise registering as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

If there’s currently no workshop planned, please put your details onto the form, and I’ll notify you as soon as a new date is announced.
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