Learning Made Easy

Workplace training has changed. A worldwide disruption in the way we work has forced training to go digital.

But, digital learning in isolation isn’t enough.

In an increasingly digital world, it’s still the human element that matters.

Online modules are a great source of information, but having access to a coach, an expert, or peer mentor can elevate both skills and confidence that lead employees to achieve bigger goals sooner The Suada platform provides the human support employees need to collaborate, ask questions, apply what they’ve learned, and achieve greater results.

Much more than training delivery

Suada delivers everything you expect from an exceptional LMS, but that’s just the beginning. With multiple uniquely interactive platforms built into one, you have all the tools you need to empower employees to do their best work.

Application by an expert
Confirmation they’re doing it right, and
Consultation for questions & answers

Much more than training delivery

Real guidance from real people

At the click of a button, your students can instantly connect one on one with a certified coach or peer who will help with questions about the content and material, provide learning guidance, and support them in understanding.

Dedicated One-on-One Assistance

Your students are never alone in their learning journey. With peers & coaches only a click away, students will always get individual support & real feedback via instant messaging.

Give students the skills for a successful future

The Suada app provides learners and instructors with a number of easy to use features to help them create meaningful engaging online learning. The user interface is simplified so students can see every other student's learning at a glance.

Make sure the learning journey is effective

User-Friendly Mobile Learning

With mobile usage on the rise make learning easy by meeting learners where they are. Suada’s mobile-optimized platform enhances user experience with faster load times, easier navigation, and optimized security. Designed with the same look and feel as leaders in social media and video streaming, users are intuitively familiar with navigation and feel right at home.

One Centralized Platform

No more switching platforms or using outdated forums to continue class discussion after lessons have concluded. Everything is shared within one centralized platform where you own all the data.

Gamification & Badging

Make learning more enjoyable and effective with gamification and badging. Rewarding progress and broadcasting accomplishments allows peers to experience the power of positive social reinforcement, strengthen bonds, and celebrate successes together.

All the tools you need to support your team’s growth and development

Deploy Courses

Harness the potential of your workforce with training on demand. Onboard new hires quickly. Help transitioning team members get up to speed. Upskill current employees with new skills sets.

Deploy Just-In-Time Learning

Sometimes employees come face-to-face with a knowledge gap they need to fill quickly. Bite-sized content and social learning functionality provide the support employees need to meet their goals.

Provide Performance Support

With a dedicated coaching platform your team is supported in the field, on the go. • When trying to remember • When things change • When something goes wrong

Offer Certification & Accreditation

Organize and run an apprenticeship program or execute a specific learning journey when employees need certification or accreditation.

Build a highly-skilled workforce with the efficiency and simplicity of a single platform

Equip learners with specialized skills

Create specialized training to give your employees highly sought-after skills they will use day-to-day on the job.

Reduce training redundancy

Digestible bite sized content and 24/7 access to quick refreshers support learning mastery and keep skills sharp.

On-board new trainees quickly

Repeatable intro classes onboard new employees or help transitioning team members get up to speed at any time.

Increase learner engagement

Elevate your brand culture with a learning platform where employees engage and learn from one another.

Stay current with field advancements

Training can move as quickly as your organisation with instant deployment of new or updated training programs.

Optimise outcomes with data insights

Best in-class analytics optimise training outcomes with detailed feedback specific to every learner.

Support your team in their moment of need with coaching on-demand

Our dedicated coaching platform enables coaches to easily monitor how learners are progressing through real-time insights. Dive into learner’s portfolios, uncover opportunities for improvement, and provide feedback and support.

Track learner progress

Get a big picture view of team and individual performance with class dashboards, learner portfolios, detailed analytics and progress notifications.

Spot and nurture top talent

See beyond the data and hear what learners really know as they demonstrate their knowledge by teaching back what they’ve learned via video.

Provide coaching on demand

Coach learners successfully through real-world situations with ongoing feedback and support in the field.

Close skills gaps with tailored learning

Identify learning gaps quickly and deliver bespoke programmes to bring learners to full mastery.

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