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A world with access to more and more information has created new challenges for sellers. Consumers make decisions with more data, options and greater expectations than ever before. To succeed in today’s market, sellers must know how to make genuine connections with consumers. And be able to navigate a path that builds trust and loyalty.

A Suada Sales Consultancy provides the strategies and tools your team needs to succeed in today’s market. We work with you to create the right customer journey that gets everyone working together. We ensure you have the right people, in the right places, trained in the right processes. With the right plan in play, your sales people will be prepared for any market and any opportunity.
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New trends create new challenges - but also opportunity.
More Information

Consumers have access to more information than everbefore. By the time they interact with your organization they’ve done their research. And many have already decided on a solution. But consumer’s preconceived ideas are often full of misinformation.
More Options

Consumers also have more options than ever before.And they report that they want more options. More options can make them feel more satisfied and in control. But too many options can also be overwhelming,disorienting, and keep a buyer from moving forward.
More Skepticism

Trust between consumers and sellers continues to decline. Fewer people have faith in what companies say.And they assume you’re leaving out important information. But skeptics challenge beliefs in hopes of uncovering truth and astrong, reliable brand.
More Dissatisfaction

With consumer expectations rising so are consumer irritations. Poor customer service, unkept promises and broken lines of communication top the list. But a customer journey that keeps customers informed and educated can reduce dissatisfaction and increase loyalty.
A systemized solution
A Suada Consultancy is an end-to-end transformational approach to solve your biggest challenges. Starting with discovery, we’ll diagnose where you are right now,where you want to go and the best ways to get there.We’ll make strategic recommendations and agree upon an action plan.

With your plan in play, a sales consultant provides a roadmap to redesign your approach to sales. Using the science of persuasion we train your sales team to think, act and communicate like a master. You’ll experience a renewed enthusiasm, confidence and alignment across your organization. All leading the way to significant sales growth results.

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Actionable strategies proven to significantly improve sales initiatives based on our track record of helping clients achieve record sales growth.
Prioritized order of steps to align your entire organization. For sales improvements to work, youneed all departments - sales, marketing, customerservice - on board and up to speed.
In-house support to execute needed changes and get the maximum benefit from our sales training resources that utilize the science of persuasion.
On-demand digital training for pre-learing and continued learning. With access to Suada’s training app sales teams will maximize their time during in-person training and keep skills sharp for the longterm.
With Suada’s Big Six Framework as our guide, we’ll put the all right elements in the all right places — maximizing every opportunity for success.
Hiring: Do you attract, develop and keep the rightpeople? Are the right attitudes and values just as important as the right skills?
Training: Are you training your people properly? Do you invest in them upfront to ensure they have all the right skills and tools they need for success?
Client Journey: Is an optimal client journey in place? Did managers, support staff and sales teams help create the journey — so it feels like it belongs to them?
Sales Management: Are your sales managers guiding the program you built? Are they managing in a way that develops your people and ensures all the outcomes you need?
Communication & Culture: Are you communicating effectively and efficiently? Have you created a culture that supports learning and celebrates success?
Rewards & Remuneration: Are you rewarding the whole journey and not just closed sales? Are you rewarding the right behaviors and outcomes?
A flexible approach
Every organization is unique. A flexible approach to sales consulting means we take the approach that meets your needs. We work with you to tailor a sales process that aligns with your buyers’ behaviors and needs. We make certain you have the right customer journey in place and improve the sales system around that journey. We also give you the tools to always be training — so you stay on top of changes in your market and keep your organization operating at peak performance.
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Transform your sales organization to succeed in a changing market with
Suada’s Big Six Framework.
Step 1:
Assess your team
The right people are a critical component to success. Start by looking at the strategy in place for attracting new recruits. Make sure you are putting the right ads out into the market and asking the right questions. Assess your team to ensure you have the right people in the right places. Then plan for the longterm so you keep the people you’ve invested in.
Step 2:
Train your people properly
Invest in your people up front by training them properly. Give them the tools they need for success — from running effective meetings to knowing how to persuade, influence and communicate better. Create a strategy that supports their career development and achievements as valued members of the team.With well-trained people invested longterm, you’ll achieve your goals and sustainable success.
Step 3:
Build an optimal client journey
Once you have the right people, equipped with the right training, create an optimal client journey together. Decide what you will deliver to clients. How will you open a conversation? How will you pitch? How will you frame? Everyone works together to create the client journey. That way everyone buys in,maximizing efficacy and cooperation.
Step 4:
Create your management process
From coaching to call scoring and running meetings, managers first ensure the client journey is being followed. Then managers can build in support processes. What check-ins need implementing? What kind of on-going training fits your needs? With the client journey agreed upon upfront, managers know what to check and what development looks like.
Step 5:
Support communication and culture
Sales culture happens by design, not by default. With people and processes now in place, you need a strategy for culture and communication. How are you going to reward, recognize and communicate what success looks like? When are you going to meet? What new training is coming up? All of this is part of great communication and a healthy culture within a thriving business.
Step 6:
Get compensation right
Businesses typically reward sales people only for revenue. With the entire client journey mapped out, you can do far more than reward only one metric or one department. To greatly increase results, reward other elements like customer sat, following processes,cross selling and upselling. Then you can unlock training, promotions, coaching, days off and mentoring. Rewarding the whole journey creates high levels of satisfaction for employees and customers.
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