Bridging the Digital Gap

Bringing meaningful human connection back to the digital classroom.

With the rise of digital learning, we’ve discovered one of the most effective methods of learning is short video modules with breaks between sessions. But we’ve also discovered a problem.

Digital learning in isolation isn’t enough.

Modern learners are slipping into a digital gap.

The human connection that sparks engagement and pulls learners deeper into the content is missing.
The benefits from discussion, practice, and skills application are getting lost.
Moments of inspiration, encouragement, and support in times of need aren’t happening.

We need something more.

Modern learners are slipping into a digital gap.

Bringing human connection to the digital classroom


In an increasingly digital world, it’s still the human element that matters. Online modules are a great source of information, but having access to a coach, an expert, or peer mentor can elevate learners to new heights information alone can never take them.


The Suada platform provides the human support learners need to engage more, ask questions, apply what they’ve learned, and achieve greater results.


Designed with the same look and feel as leaders in social media and video streaming, users experience dynamic interaction between students and coaches. Social feeds, messaging, video, and a dedicated coaching platform connect people into a vibrant learning community and provide support when learners need it most.

Providing much more than a system for course delivery

Suada delivers everything you expect from an exceptional LMS. Customizable course creation, management, and delivery plus assessment management, data analysis, and scalability But that’s just the beginning. With multiple uniquely interactive platforms built into one, you have everything you need to guide learners through higher stages of learning:

Application by an expert
Confirmation they’re doing it right, and
Consultation for questions & answers

Providing much more than a system for course delivery

Real guidance from real people

At the click of a button, your students can instantly connect one on one with a certified coach or peer who will help with questions about the content and material, provide learning guidance, and support them in understanding.

Dedicated One-on-One Assistance

Your students are never alone in their learning journey. With peers & coaches only a click away, students will always get individual support & real feedback via instant messaging.

Give students the skills for a successful future

The Suada app provides learners and instructors with a number of easy to use features to help them create meaningful engaging online learning. The user interface is simplified so students can see every other student's learning at a glance.

Enhancing the digital experience

User-Friendly Mobile Learning

With mobile usage on the rise make learning easy by meeting learners where they are. Suada’s mobile-optimized platform enhances user experience with faster load times, easier navigation, and optimized security. Designed with the same look and feel as leaders in social media and video streaming, users are intuitively familiar with navigation and feel right at home.

One Centralized Platform

No more switching platforms or using outdated forums to continue class discussion after lessons have concluded. Everything is shared within one centralized platform where you own all the data.

Gamification & Badging

Make learning more enjoyable and effective with gamification and badging. Rewarding progress and broadcasting accomplishments allows peers to experience the power of positive social reinforcement, strengthen bonds, and celebrate successes together.

Supporting Neurodiversity & Long-Term Retention

Suada app recognizes and supports neurodiverse learners and combats the forgetting curve by using behavioral science techniques that wire neural pathways for retention and put knowledge to practice. Module Tests & Quizzes screenshot Transcripts

Module Tests & Quizzes




Course Notes



Module Tests & Quizzes
Course Notes

Providing Tools to Establish Benchmarks and Measure Growth

Suada’s built in assessment tools make administering pre and post assessments easy. These assessments are valuable diagnostic tools for determining preparedness and performance, and delivering more effective teaching.

Pre-Course Assessment

Establish a firm benchmark, tailor course to individual needs, and deliver a clear path for individual goals to be met.

Post-Course Assessment

After the learning has taken place, demonstrate cognitive improvement from each learner with a post course assessment, highlighting the progress that has been made.

Organizing Work Progress with Digital Portfolios

Suada’s Learning Portfolio feature enables you to maintain and review each users personalised learning portfolio

Course Progression

Quiz and assessments score

Assessments and skill test video portfolio and progression

Certification score completion


Creating the Optimal Learning Journey with Custom Course Building

All the heavy lifting is done. Our highly developed back end makes course customization fast and easy.

Upload existing content, videos, pdfs & more
Build new interactive courses with templates
Break down content into bite-sized videos
Create dynamic learning groups
Plot advanced learning paths

All with access to content and technical support teams when you need them.


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