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We’re on a mission to revolutionize the digital learning space

Suada is here to restore the critical element of human engagement that has gotten lost in online learning. Our technology provides everything organizations need on one single platform to achieve meaningful, long-term learning success.

The Suada Story

The Evolution of a Vision

Suada launched in 2018 with the vision of making persuasion-based sales training more effective with on-going coaching. Today our mobile-optimized social learning platform helps businesses and educators provide high-quality curriculum and coaching to learners

Building From Success

The first success stories came from managers and employees who experienced Suada sales training through on-site workshops. Seeing the impact of on-going sales training with coaching, Suada founder David Thomson shifted his focus from meeting salespeople in training rooms to meeting them via mobile, in the field - right in their moment of need - where learning makes its greatest impact.

Expanding Opportunity Through Technology

As focus shifted to technology and Suada’s mobile application grew in its development, something wider and broader than sales training became apparent to co-founder Lewie Curry. Lewie recognized the technology they were building could benefit any organization. Suada’s technology could extend into education - into any teaching and training program - and bridge the gap of human connection that was getting lost in the transition to digital learning.

Suada Today

Our name Suada, the Roman goddess of persuasion, still comes from our roots in persuasion-based sales training. But the work we do today meets the needs of learners across a wide spectrum of industries and institutions. Whether you’re a business leader, educator, sport & fitness trainer, field expert, government, or military – Suada is the leading learning platform for anyone who needs to teach, train, or mentor people through growth and change.

Meet Our Team


David Thomson

Founder & CEO

As a CEO of several highly successful businesses in various fields within the financial sector, David's 25 plus years experience has now culminated in him helping to train and engage people utilising the power of technology. David's passion for Sales has taken him all over the globe and with the help of the Suada platform, has now developed a completely unique transformational learning process.


Lewie Curry


An award winning young entrepreneur, with a proven track record of delivering results. Lewie has a background in creative services and a passion for understanding how new technology can create lasting transformations. Lewie is a founding member of the team and having worked in multiple areas of the business, is often the point of contact for any Suada related questions!


Beka Tomashvili

Co-Founder & CTO

Beka is highly entrepreneurial and results-driven with over ten years of leading experience in working with numerous tech startups. Passionate about high-tech startups and how to provide full software development processes. Beka has worked with some big companies in his native Georgia and has his finger on the pulse with new technological developments, including blockchain and web 3.0.


Paul Ingram


A highly motivated and experienced entrepreneur with a range of skills across many sectors including automotive, technology, insurance, PR, marketing, sales and e-commerce. Having been involved with multiple successful startups over the last twenty years, Paul adds real strategic depth to the Suada team. Paul's ability to find simple answers to complex questions he has been instrumental in positioning Suada as one of the worlds leading learning platforms.

Let’s answer some of your questions

Where is the app available?

The Suada app is available for download at the Apple Store and Google Play.

How can I learn more about Suada?

Our team is available to answer any questions or talk with you about your specific needs and goals. Schedule a consultation here or send an email to info@Suada.com.

How is your learning platform different?

Unique to the Suada learning platform is the teach-back function. Teach-back is an evidence-based strategy to verify a student’s understanding of concepts. Suada’s video sharing platform provides a format for students to record themselves teaching back what they’ve learned and upload for discussion, feedback, and confirmation of doing it right. Teach-back function allows classes, groups, and teams to record practice sessions and upload their videos to the social feed and discuss with peers.

What problems does your app solve?

The tools trainers and educators need to create a vibrant and engaging digital classroom are disjointed and difficult to integrate into one place. There is currently no other learning platform that provides all the tools of an exceptional LMS plus integrated tools for engagement and support. With multiple platforms built into one, Suada solves issues unique to online learning: engagement, peer-to-peer learning, and on-going mentorship through coaching.

Who is your target audience?

Anyone who teaches anything Business leaders, trainers & managers Professional Educators: schools, universities & trade programs Sports & Fitness trainers Field Experts: medical, science, nutrition & wellness, arts, etc. Certification Programs & Boards Government & Military

Why did you launch Suada?

The Suada app was part of a mission to put high-quality training and coaching in the hands of salespeople in the field - - to meet them in their moment of need. With instant access to quality content, peer support, and expert coaching sale teams were learning relevant skills, gaining confidence, and achieving better outcomes. In 2020 when the app was in full development a worldwide pandemic sent millions of learners online. It became apparent to our Suada founders the technology we were building would benefit any organization needing to teach, train, or mentor people through growth and change.

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